Get Connected by Using LinkedIn as a B2B Platform

LinkedIn is generally regarded as a powerful, online, business networking tool. However, what many businesses don’t realise is that it is not just used to connect companies with potential employees. It can also be used as a powerful B2B platform.

LinkedIn text with a triabgle of blue people indicating a B2B platform

How to Use LinkedIn as B2B Platform

For companies who are unsure as to how they should go about using LinkedIn as a social media platform, there are some simple steps to follow:

Create a complete profile

This goes without saying. The more complete your profile is, the more trustworthy your company will seem, and the more likely it will become an accepted B2B platform.

Joining relevant groups

This can be done by searching for relevant groups specifically. Your company can then start, take part in, or follow conversations in your industry. Just like with content marketing, the more engaging, entertaining and relevant your posts are, the more likely they are to be shared. In this way, LinkedIn can become a powerful B2B platform for your company.

LinkedIn has already proven itself to be an extremely useful business networking tool. The company itself has expressed interest in moving towards offergin businesses a more powerful B2B platform to work with.