Finding Work/Life Balance in Business


What is Work/Life Balance?

A great work/life balance exists when someone has the ability to ‘switch-off’ from their job after leaving at the end of the day, they have flexibility when it comes to work hours, work remotely, and more.

Why Is it Important to Maintain a Balance?

A balance between work and life is critical to maintain happiness, productivity, and overall passion for life. It has been discovered that those with a better balance between these two facets of their life work better in both areas. They have more productivity at work and more balance in their social life. In fact, such a balance has proven critical to overall happiness, health, and longer lives.

How Can I Obtain Balance?

Finding a balance is very much an individual process. However, there are a few small things one can do to try and find more happiness in their life.

  • Daily Exercise: Including at least half an hour per day of moderate-high intensity exercise will release endorphins (the feel-good hormone)
  • Enough Sleep: Having at least 8 hours of sleep per day will increase feelings of wellness. In particular your workplace will reap the benefits of its employees having enough sleep because you will be far more productive.
  • Healthy/mindful eating: Including enough fruits and vegetables and limiting your intake of processed foods and refined sugar will increase feelings of wellness. You will feel more alert, less drowsy, and just generally better within yourself if you consider altering your diet.

The above are just a few ways that changing a few key elements in your life will have a positive affect on your work life. This, in turn will lead to a feeling of happiness and balance.

Which Jobs Have The Best Balance?

It has been found in recent studies that some jobs are more likely to induce feelings of positivity thanks to the workers in these jobs feeling a better balance between life and work. Jobs that rate higher on the scale include tour guides, lifeguards, social media managers, and group fitness instructors. Interestingly, both teachers and doctors didn’t rate on the scale, which means employees in this industry didn’t rank their jobs high enough to sit within the scale.