Utilising a Customer Focused Approach to Business for Company Success

interlineconstructionsThe construction industry is filled with companies offering the best quality products, and the best services, at the lowest prices. However, for all their promises, few deliver. It is rare to come across a construction company that successfully combines all three, and consistently delivers the best results possible to its customers, every time. However, Interline Constructions has managed this by combining a strong, customer-centric approach to business, with a focus on utilising best practice on all their projects.

Customer Focus is the Key

Interline Constructions is an award-winning building company specialising in luxury homes, home extensions, and renovations. With 25 years’ experience in the industry, Interline Constructions have had the time to experiment in their pursuit of a highly effective business approach, and it shows. Much of the success of Interline Constructions is based on their customer-centric approach to business. The benefits of a customer focused approach to business are significant. By focusing on the needs and wants of their clients, Interline Constructions are able to consistently deliver personalised solutions that ensure a maximum amount of customer satisfaction is achieved every time. Interline Constructions can create homes or additions that are built to a particular specification or budget. By allowing customers to have a direct influence over the style and specifications of their house, Interline Constructions are ensuring customers are getting a house that fits their dreams and expectations. All of this has a positive impact on the satisfaction of customers.

The Importance of Flexibility

Flexibility is also important in the success of the business, and Interline Constructions takes care to offer customers the option to change elements of their design. By not locking customers into a specific plan right from the outset of the design process, they are, one again, putting the focus on their customers, ensuring their satisfaction remains at the centre of business concerns. Interline Constructions understand that there is no such thing as a ‘standard’ house. For something as personal as a home, tastes vary wildly, and there is certainly no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to design or construction. Which is why the personalised approach to business Interline Constructions have adopted has become so successful. Taking on every customer as a new, unique case also enables them to discover new approaches to design and business, ensuring Interline Constructions is constantly improving the quality of their services.

A Reputation for Excellence

However, a promise is meaningless without the results to back it up. That is why Interline Constructions have built on their reputation for excellence by combining their personalised approach to business with excellent workmanship and high quality materials. They use this approach consistently, across their whole range of services, whether they are renovating an old house, adding on a home extension, or designing a new, luxury home. The philosophy of the company is to constantly strive to go above and beyond the expectations of clients, focusing on the end goal without neglecting the important details along the way. It is this, and their effective design process that ensures Interline Constructions remains at the top of their game, and are used as a benchmark against which all other competitors measure themselves.

A Complete Range of Services for Efficiency and Effectiveness

Interline Constructions believe in keeping things as simple as possible for their customers. They do this by offering a full suite of construction services to their customers. This ensures customers are able to get everything they need in one place, saving time, money, and effort trying to organise times for multiple companies to come and work on their property. By doing this, Interline Constructions are also increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their services by offering customers everything they need in one easy point of contact. They also strive to deliver excellent customer service by always being available to answer queries, or deal with any concerns a customer may have. Interline Constructions make the build process easy for customers by being available from the very start of the design process, up until the keys are handed to the new owners.

Interline offers a full range of design options to its customers, and in doing so, they also offer a complete range of solutions. Whether a retired couple is looking at designing and building a completely new home, a couple wants to increase the size of their house along with the size of their family, or an investor is looking at renovating their old property, Interline Constructions can help. By constantly developing and improving their customer-centric approach to business, they ensure that they are always able to achieve the best results possible for their clients. By consistently going above and beyond the expected, it is no wonder Interline Constructions have established themselves as the industry benchmark for excellent workmanship, and high quality outcomes that will last a lifetime.

The Benefits of Business Retreats


The days are getting the shorter, the nights are getting colder, and the office heating just isn’t doing the job. The bad news? We aren’t even halfway through winter and already tropical island escapes are abundant within the dreams of your fellow employees across the office. A wonderful option to help your team get you through the next few months is the promise of a weeklong business retreat at the end of winter. There are a variety of options when it comes to business getaways, including seaside sanctuaries, poolside retreats, and golfing holidays. Each will be briefly outlined below so that you can make an informed decision – choose a getaway that will most benefit your team and set them in good stead for a productive spring for your business.


Seaside Sanctuaries:

Perfect for a team that is already very familiar and friendly, seaside sanctuaries allow for both communal activities like heading down to the beach for some beach cricket, as well as solo undertakings such as rock collecting or long walks. These sorts of business holidays are great for your employees in that they will be able to interact within nature and it has been proven that the modern office worker is not getting nearly enough vitamin D daily.


Meditation Hideaways:

Increasingly in todays world are minds are constantly overrun with thoughts, lists, ideas, chores, and reminders to be ticked off or talked over. Meditating is an ancient art that has been touted as hugely beneficial in the workplace. A great option for a business retreat because employees will be able to relax and indulge in often beautiful settings, and at the end of the week, will be able to take what they have learnt and incorporate it into everyday life. A business retreat such as this will be beneficial in the long run, so could be a very affective getaway choice.


Poolside Retreats:

Do cocktails by a sparkling blue pool sound like your idea of heaven? These sorts of business getaways can be a great place for your co-workers to let their hair down and really connect. Often, business retreats are overlooked as expensive “time wasters” but, increasingly, there are packages available that combine travel, accommodation, and transport costs so that each individual traveller pays only a relatively small amount. A poolside retreat could be the perfect business holiday where your co-workers can relax and get to know each other better, resulting in improved performance upon returning to the office.


Adventure Getaways:

Fast cars on sand dunes, catching the first wave of the day as the sun comes up over the horizon; adventure getaways can be a great way for your businesses team to connect and forge long-lasting relationships. Be wary, however, whilst business retreats such as these are great fun; they could lead to accidents in which your employees are injured. Incidents such as these will not bode well within the workplace post-holiday. Consider all the other holiday possibilities before settling on an adventure getaway as your business retreat of choice.


Golfing Holidays:

Golfing Holidays are certainly a popular option for those that prefer to incorporate some physical activity into their holiday. Golfing Holidays can see your employees improve their handicap, have the chance to compete in an international golf event, and progress their technique with lessons from a professional. All of these are considerable benefits to taking golfing holidays, but none compare to the positive elements that will come post holiday – enriched relationships between co-workers, and guaranteed improved productivity upon return to the business environment.

Of course the choice from the above three options is yours, however, based on previous experiences, Golfing Holidays have proven the most effective at bringing a team of co-workers together and encouraging bonding through a bit of friendly competition.


It has been scientifically proven that good relationship’s between employees, as well as the outdoors, some friendly competition, nature, and the sun can work absolute wonders on the mind, body, and soul. Too often, lunches are eaten at desks, employees are walking home well past knock-off, and emails are being answered late into the night, whilst connection and passion to your work is important, it is crucial to remember the benefits that come from a bit of a break now and again. Workers will return to their desk with enforced patience, endurance, and the desire to work fruitfully, creatively, and productively, if they are given the chance to relax as well.


So, next time you stroll past your employee’s desks and see them sniffling into a tissue or looking longingly out the window, head back to your desk and email out a few brochures on the best options for business retreats that you can find. Remember, there are many more getaway possibilities out there aside from seaside sanctuaries, poolside retreats and golfing holidays from Pro Golf Experiences: rather, these are just the beginning, so do your research and ask around before deciding on one particular business retreat option. It can be guaranteed that your employees will thank you for it; in fact, you will probably be touted as the best boss going around. Rest-assured, your team will return within one week of being away from the office with increased vigour, passion for the company, and productivity – all massive benefits resulting from just a one week business retreat.


Buying Your First Home With the Help Of a Mortgage Broker in Canberra


Moving out of home for the very first time can be both an exhilarating and daunting task. Some people become very excited at the prospect of having a home to call their own, while others are a little more skeptical and are somewhat afraid of moving out. With moving out comes a lot of different responsibilities, including paying bills, mortgages, cooking and cleaning for yourself. It also comes with a great sense of independence, and the feeling that you are ready to be an adult (for the most part, anyway).

Searching for homes can take a very long time; finding houses online, looking around and going to inspections. You should look very carefully at the different places you find and compare them in order to get a better understanding of the kind of options that are available to you. Once you have done so, you need to compare these options to the kind of budget you have and the features you are looking for, in order to separate the viable options from the not-so-viable ones.

Finding a home that is close to your place of work, the area in which you study, or just your local hangout is important for many people. Living on the other side of town to the place where you work would cause a massive hassle in getting there, as would finding a home that is far from other places which you usually frequent. If you are looking for homes in Canberra, as many people are, then speaking with a mortgage broker in Canberra would be the obvious way to go.

Once you have found a few good areas that are close by, you need to focus on the features of the houses that you would like to have. If you plan to move out alone one bedroom may be sufficient, however, if you plan on having a housemate or are moving out with someone else, then finding homes with two or more bedrooms would be much more appropriate.

If you are one for extravagance, then searching for homes that have pools and other such luxuries may be right up your alley. Of course, these luxuries come at a certain price, and you need to make sure that you will actually be able to afford the places that you are looking at buying. It may be better to find a less luxurious home that you can easily afford, than to splash out on an extravagant new home which will put you way over your budget.

Seeking assistance from a mortgage broker is a great way of ensuring that you find the right mortgage for you, and that you will be able to afford your new home. Home loans vary between 95% home loans, 100% home loans, interest only loans, no deposit loans, and a variety of other loans.

If you are confused as to which one to get or which would work best for you, then a mortgage broker Canberra organisation can provide you with a lot of assistance. Not only will they help set you up with the perfect financial consultant to help you get the right loan, but they will do this all free of charge. For more information and help finding a mortgage broker in Canberra Select a Broker is your number one stop.

The Benefits Of Rural Life and Finding the Perfect Rural Loans


The allure of city life is appealing to many; the bright lights, the busy roads, the hustle and bustle. However, if you are the type of person that prefers a more quaint or serene atmosphere, then rural life may be perfect for you. With an abundance of fresh air and the space to do whatever you please, rural living provides a relaxed ambience, full of peace and tranquility. If you have been considering purchasing a rural property or land, then now is the perfect time to do it!

Switching to rural living may not be for everyone, which is why a lot of people prefer to keep their homes in the city, but still find a bit of rural land to build a holiday house on; a home-away-from-home. This is a great way to create an area that you can escape to when you want to get away for a while, take a holiday or just forget about the worries of every day life. In order to receive the rural land that you have sought, you need to apply for credit, obtain approval and ensure that all your contract guidelines are met. In order to do all of this, you may need a bit of help.

Applying for rural loans can be a bit of a tricky process, especially if you have never done it before. Getting assistance from a mortgage broker or a financial consultant can help to alleviate all the stress and frustration of trying to find the best loan yourself. They may also be able to get you a far better deal than the one you would’ve otherwise gotten by talking to different banks and lenders on your own.

You may not have very much knowledge about rural loans for broad acre property developments before, and having someone explain all the ins and outs of them for you would thus be highly beneficial. A mortgage broker can explain it all to you, allowing you to fully understand what you are getting yourself into before you make any rash decisions.

Many financial services firms and consultants have access to interest rates that are not available to the general public, which gives them an edge. This also allows you to rest easy, while the consultant does all the running around for you, finding the best deal for you, based on your specific wants and needs. One company that can help set you up with the right mortgage brokers to suit your needs and requirements is Select a Broker.

With Select a Broker rural loans are a synch. This company has access to a number of different consultants and brokers, and best of all they offer this service completely free of charge! By bringing you and the chosen mortgage broker together, mutual benefits are created, and you can rest assured that you are in good hands. In this way, you will be able to afford your dream home and rural lifestyle in no time!

How to Conduct a Private Health Insurance Comparison From Home

Although many people are too busy with their day-to-day lives to have time to look into anything new, one thing that you should definitely look into if you have yet to, is private health insurance. Many people have been using private health insurance to ensure that they will be fully covered in the event that anything does go wrong. This is a smart move and can help to alleviate any hefty bills.

If you are unsure how to go about finding the right health insurance policy for you, then there are a number of options available. First of all – and this is probably the easiest option – you can search online for private health insurance comparison sites. There are quite a few of these that exist, and they can help you see the kinds of plans and offers that are available to you, right from the comfort of your own home.

Conversely, if you prefer talking to someone in person, then you can always call up a private health insurance provider over the phone. Most companies are open during the usual working hours of 9-5 on Mondays through to Fridays, allowing you plenty of time to discuss your personal needs and requirements. Although this is a good way of better understanding the health insurance options that are available to you, you will not receive a private health insurance comparison over the phone. To adequately compare the different policies that are available to you, you should go back to the comparison sites mentioned earlier. One site that you may wish to visit which will be fairly helpful is Better Bills.

Better Bills has been in operation for a number of years, and offers many benefits to its current and new clients. It provides you with all the information that you need about the different private and public health insurance policies that exist and recommends the three best options for you, based on the price, value, and amount of cashback you can receive. Best of all, you get to see these three options side-by-side on your screen, allowing you to compare them directly to ensure that everything you need is present.

Receiving cashback is a special offer that Better Bills http://www.betterbills.com/ provides. What this means is that you receive at least 50% of the commissions they get for finding you a great plan. It’s a win-win situation, where everyone benefits! They gain a new customer and you gain a sum of cash that is yours to do whatever you please with. Whether you’re after new shoes or that gorgeous new leather jacket that’s caught your eye in the store, you’re free to spend away while knowing that you are also fully covered in terms of health insurance.

Once you’ve chosen the right health insurance policy for you, you can feel a lot safer knowing that you are covered for the things you need, whether that be private hospital cover such as accommodation and in-hospital treatments, or added extras such as orthodontic, dental, optical and psychological, as well as a variety of others.

Get All Your Makita Tools From Get Tools Direct


Finding tools that are both affordable and in great condition can be a bit difficult. Due to this, you need to know exactly where to go and what to look for in order to get the best value for your money that is possible. One store that can provide you with great service and tools is Get Tools Direct.

Get Tools Direct (GTD) is a company with a strong vision and mission statement to back up its great quality products. As one of Australia’s biggest online tool retailers, they have the ability to buy products at low prices and pass these savings on to you, including the largest selection of the most popular industrial tool brands that are available in the market. If this sounds like something that’s up your alley, then you should definitely look into it more.

Having started out in the Sunshine Coast more than 20 year ago, Get Tools Direct now provides tools to customers and clients all over Australia. With the ease of shopping online, you can get the best tools at the best prices, delivered straight to your door! The entire range, including Makita tools, Milwaukee tools, Dewalt tools, Bosch tools, Panasonic tools, and many more, is sure to satisfy all your needs and requirements down to a tee.

With hand, power and cordless tools aplenty, and a wide range of welding equipment, Get Tools Direct are your one stop shop for all your tool-inspired needs. Additionally, GTD has a great reputation and fantastic customer service. This means that if you ever have any questions or enquiries, help is just one phone call away. Friendly and professional customer service representatives are always more than happy to discuss your needs with you and help you with your purchase, ensuring that you will be 100% satisfied with what you receive.

Moreover, you will also receive a warranty on all items purchased. All you have to do is fill in your warranty card or register online, if required. This will ensure that there are no problems with the tools that you order, and if there are, then they will be fixed and re-shipped at the cost of Get Tools Direct. For example, if one of the Makita tools you have ordered is malfunctioning or if something has broken, it can easily be repaired. All you have to do is to send it in and GTD will do the rest for you.

Delivery of tools is exceptionally fast, and online ordering is available 24/7, meaning that you can get your tools on time, every time. So if you’re looking for a professional service from a company that has all the major brands and is completely Australian owned, you know where to head.